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Student Information


Name of the guardian to whom school reports and other communications should be addressed:

Present Address:

Parent or Guardian Full Name:

Home Telephone No:

Company Name:

Email Address:

Mother Mobile No:

Father Mobile No:

Sibling/S Currently Enrolled at Educare International School

Student Medical or Health Information

Contact Person/S in case of Emergency

Parents Whatsapp Contact Information


Students from all groups and nationalities are accepted and welcomed into the school as long as they meet the following conditions:

  1. Students age must be legal.
  2. Students should not have been written off for disciplinary reasons.
  3. Students must take an Assessment Test or Entrance Exam to determine their level of education.
  4. . Students that come from schools that are affiliated with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education will be transferred to the school according to the class they are registered in, according to guidelines established by the Ministry of Education and Learning.


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education required that all of the following documents be submitted to the school before admission.

  • Four (4) Recent Colored Passport-Size Photographs.
  • Original Passports together with a photocopy of each
    • Parents Passport Copy and Residence Visa or ID

    • Student Passport Copy and Residence Visa or ID

    • If the residence visas are still being processed, the passports have to show proof of the Immigration Entry Stamp
    • A company letter stating that the visa applications are being processed should be provided; however, this can only be accepted temporarily, and photocopies of Residence Visas must be forwarded to School as soon as they are issued.

  • Copy of Birth Certificate

  • The most recent original school report from the previous school. The report, if issued by a school, must include the class, date, and results.

  • A copy of the student's immunization card or health record.

  • Health File for School

  • If transferee, Letter of good moral from the previous school from Grade 1 to Grade 6.

  • Employment Certificate for Mother or Father

  • Clearance Letter from previous School

  • A copy of the Blue Board (Address)


Fees are paid as follows:

  • One Third of the annual fees upon registration.
  • One Third of the annual fees before the first day of Second Term.
  • One Third of the annual fees before the first day of Third Term

I Accept the above rules and I agree to comply with them along with all other school rules and regulations, for the period that my child/children is/are enrolled in the school.