Feda’a Nasrallah

School Principal

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Educare International Academy website. The teachers and staff join me in saying we are happy to have you as part of our school family. As the principal of this citadel of knowledge, with 10 years of teaching experience and 8 years of being a principal, I am delighted that this school’s values align with my own personal values, including the importance of trust, innovation, and a sense of community. Here, we are not only a school, but also a big, happy family.

As a primary school which offers education to pupils from pre-school up to grade six, our utmost goal is to pursue a curriculum that emphasizes on the acquisition of knowledge, understanding, critical thinking, moral discipline, and problem-solving abilities for all students. We believe that every learner is unique and special in their own way. Without any doubt, it is our responsibility as educators to nurture and develop every learner to prepare them for life. Learners are continually encouraged to appreciate our diverse community and to care for others by becoming global citizens. Our missions and visions are our core values, and we make sure they are judiciously implemented in all areas.

We strongly rely on our diverse experienced, highly skilled, and committed teaching and non-teaching staff that collaboratively work to deliver quality education and comfortable zones for our students. With this quality of staff, be rest assured that your children are at the safest hands. A staff that focuses mostly on educational, psychological, and developmental growth of its pupils is one of our prides.

Conclusively, we feel that this medium will serve as a communication tool for teachers and parents. At Educare International Academy, we take pride in our relationships with parents, and see you as a partner in the important job of educating the children of this community. We welcome your participation and support during each and every school year.

We look forward to celebrating the achievements of our students with you. Once again, I welcome all of you and thank you for being a part of the family, where SUCCESS IS NOT AN OPTION…..BUT AN EXPECTATION.


Feda’a Nasrallah

The Principal